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Infected by Malware, tried everything - need assistance 'please'

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Hi, I have posted my problem before at another forum, but nobody wanted to help - so I'm really hoping somebody here can assist. I'm very worried this malware will start to do some bad things to my computer if left unchecked for long. Here is part of my original post, so I hope someone can assist:

Let me start by saying that for the first time in many, many years - I have caught a computer virus and boy, am I taken by surprise just how stubbon they are to remove. At first, I got one of those 'You're computer is infected' popups and 'you need to download our software' thing they tend to write and that also resulted in a big ugly sign saying the same thing on my wallpaper.

Before the malware infection, I have been using Avira, malware bytes and hijack this. At one point, I did a bit of research and used SDfix and after I thought I had killed that malware (it appeared it did), it came back in a different form, somewhat more stubborn than before. Suddenly, firefox, which was perfect till point - was now fair game.

Today, I noticed that my computer had suddenly downloaded the latest firefox beta 3.5, even though that's not the latest and I already had another firefox browser installed. Even so, I tried a few web pages and it quickly redirected me around the place to strange ad supported websites, scam websites, fake antivirus websites etc.

I then used hijack this and found a few crazy trusted zone sites I had never heard from and promtly deleted them. But still, im having probs - only with firefox. But im worried, the whole computer is infected. I've run countless scans, etc and there are plenty of trojans being picked up by Avira, although I can't really tell what aren't false positives. I'm experienced in technology, but not malware solving. This I hope to learn from the forum regulars.

Everytime I use Malware bytes with a quick scan, I can't seem to remove the same stubborn piece of malware.

I am very happy to post all my logs, etc and will be very keen to learn as we go along.

I look forward to working through the solution with somebody more informed in these areas. Many thanks im advance,

And I really can't stress how appreciative I am if anyone can assist.

Sir Richard.

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