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Report Trojan to Google?

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So I picked up a rogue antivirus trojan today, despite being logged into Windows under a guest account (which should not have allowed it to install). Fortunately, MalwareBytes was able to clean it much more easily this time than the first one, which required me to reimage my drive.

This is actually the second time in as many months I've picked up this type of malware due to my AVG claiming a search link was safe, but wasn't. What really pisses me off, is that this time, I was doing a simple search to look for a review of a kitchen appliance, and the top link returned by Google (retrevo.com) is what infected me.

Does Google have any kind of feedback system that allows us to report these links? Businesses pay them to be put at the top of a search, so they basically paid Google to infect me, the way I see it.

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Be super careful of "Sponsored links" and "sponsored ads" and the like by Google... Sponsored ads in general can contain nasties... :)

I'm glad that Mbam was able to get you cleaned up though :)

Did a second scan come out clean?

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Reporting badness to Google is completely useless (though continue doing such by all means). Their sites (search engine, blogspot, gmail) have been sources of malware for as long as I can remember.
I concur. Google sits on their hands 95% of the time. :)
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