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Undetected Trojan

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Hello, I'm trying out MBAM Pro in order to find a program which has a good balance of detection and resources use.

I received an email with a suspicious attachment (I'll attach it here if you want, but because I'm certain it's a trojan I didn't want to post it without permission.) It's supposedly from DHL, and purports to be a form to arrange redelivery of a parcel, but I just know it's a fake because:

- The email has too many exclamation marks

- The attachment is a zip file (why not a PDF or a Word doc?)

- The zip contains an executable called DHL_Print_Label.exe but it has a Word icon

MBAM doesn't complain when I stick the thing into a folder and scan it, nor when I extract the file from the zip. Betcha it's a nasty, though. And yes, I'm using the latest version of the program and the latest updates. Want me to upload it so you can have a shufti?

Can I ask something unrelated? Will MBAM Pro automatically scan removable USB drives as soon as they are inserted?

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Hi Ribin S -

You can post it in Newest Malware Threats or Newest Rogue Threats area in a Zip file - Add a Quick explaination - They will diagnose it in there -

Thank You - :)

MBAM Pro will now detect the exe, but surely it should scan zips as well? Also, it doesn't warn when the exe is extracted from the zip (and I'm not going to run the exe just to see if MBAM stops it then!)

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