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New MBAM Icon

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Hi Marcin,

Honestly, i dislike it because this icon reminds me some kind of video game ( even if i'm a gamer) and will, IMO, badly desserve your product.

One opinion amongst many others .....



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I have to say do not like it. It isn't serious enough, I guess is the best way to say how it impacts me with first look. A bit cartoonish. I really like the looks of the tray icon now. Not sure why you want to change that. The cougar is well associated with the site and the program IMO. Kind of like Scotty and WinPatrol, I was among those asking for the old icon there too. :)

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However they are clear and whoever made them is good.


Andy is right, my post was not offending but my thought was that a security product could not be symbolized by something childish (no offense at all to the artist )



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  • Root Admin

Well, unfortunately nobody came forward with a serious icon or any suggestions for that matter. I personally like it and hope it will not discourage anybody using it for this silly reason. The current icon looks like a pile of brown ... well, use your imagination.

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AN idea (for either icon as I actually kinda like the proposed replacement icon)

How about having some graphic artiste inserting the word "Malware" inside the icon's mouth (whether it be a revamped feline snarling or the new proposed icon)?

That would make it a bit better, IMO.

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The symbol of lion stands for the king of the animals which eats up every malware, so what is wrong with this icon?

The "Pacman"-Icon is nice, but it's not impressive for a serious anti-malware program. Everybody would think it's a new game...

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  • Staff

I'd have to go with the majority on this one, it looks to be totally off the mark as it does not represent anything remotely suggestive to security. Looks more like a vid game icon than anything else.

While the quality may well be good, I don't think it fits any theme that one could relate to on a malware level.

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the old one doesn't do a lot but the new one even though bright & attractive looks too pac man ish & gives the wrong impression

I don't think an animals head fits right either but it does need something but I don't know what

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That's interesting Fred. If brown is the only issue and from the post about MS requirements its not, the color could be changed. I have it in my head MBAM has a growling cat behind it. LOL I like that.

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I asked a few people and have agreed that this will be a much better icon. Please have an open mind ...


Well between the two I would go for the second one. a bit better for a security app. The first one was a nice icon, just not really fit for MBAM I think.

Still like the idea of a front view instead of a side view of some sort of vicious animal growling though. (with a little color)

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