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mbam error code: 702 (0, 453)

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I tried to update v1.39 to the latest version on an older PC, whilst installing the new version a box came up with error code: 702 (0, 453), please contact mbam support.

Then ... low and behold, the quick scan freezes after a few thousand files just like it does on my other 2 pc's, which I have written about elsewhere on this forum.

3 computers with the same problem ??, the only common thing between them is my Netgear router.

Any ideas on this error code?

The 3 systems use XP Pro SP2, XP Pro SP3 & XP Home SP2

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Thanks for the reply, did all you suggested, uninstall, restart, clean, reinstall but the problem remains:

Quick scan runs for a few seconds, stops after about 5000 objects, always whilst scanning windows/system32 folder (although never stopping on the same file).

It's at this point that mbam stops responding and has to be terminated via Task Manager.

Seems really strange that this occurs on 3 seperate systems, though they each have similar software installed.

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I noticed the same error code problem posted in the HJT section when your expert suggested downloading this version of mbam:


I did this, updated it and it ran fine right to the end of the scan and it did not find any problems.

I rebooted as suggested and ran this version again and it completed finding no problems.

However, when I go back to the original installed updated version of mbam it stays the same and freezes after about 5000 objects.

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  • Root Admin
Hello peabea,

Please send me a Private Message with your contact information and if you're willing to spend the time we can try and run some test to see if we can determine what is causing the issue.

Thank you.

If you'd like assistance and you're willing to put in the time and effort required to look into this then send me your contact information otherwise there isn't much more we can do for you at this time.

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