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Man Buys Windows 98 CD For $3 Billion

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Sorry install floppy not uninstall.

I would love to see that. At one time during the 90's I had an old star wars game I got from bestbuy which came with like 8 floppy disks. I ended up exchanging it for a CD-ROM. Still that wasn't easy to install it had to run through DOS and was difficult to even run. We ended up having to go to the local computer store and have them install it for us.

Edit: Just found theses Tutorials for office xp. Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access all unopened.

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You know I'm not sure. I always thought it was the same as Word 2002 which is like 2003, but with almost no color. If not it could be just above 97. My grandparent's have that.

Edit: Just searched office.microsoft.com and it is the same as 2002. We have office 2002, but no longer use it as I just bought 2007 back in late December. Here's some pictures. The top one is 2003 and the bottom one is 2002/xp. See how 2003 is more colorful and xp is pretty much in black and white? 2003 also looks a little more 3D style then xp with it's almost flat looking surface.

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I only have Wordpad on my computer. I was considering getting OpenOffice because I'd like to write sometimes but I don't need Word badly enough to spend the $300 or whatever on it, since I am not in school right now or anything. I'll have it bundled into the price of whatever new computer we get in the future though if that's possible. I like having Word, Excel, etc... very useful :blush: I do have a WordPerfect CD though that would probably work that came with the computer if I need a word processing program.

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If you would like the link for openoffice here it is http://download.openoffice.org/other.html#tested-full

The only problem with word perfect is that if you decide to replace it with a something else you can't get rid of that junky updater program called Macrovision or something. It doesn't have an uninstall tool or anything. Have it myself I got it with an old dell dimension 2400. Don't use it, but have it.

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