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Planned features for 1.45

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Any thoughts about adding repair tools like another program has to reset Windows policies i.e. winsock where removal of malware may have broken some of these?
are we ever having sort of bahabiour/hips program added to the engine?thanks


This thread is for the planned features of 1.45. It seems more recommended to make suggestions in the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Program Suggestions thread

Happy Safe Surfing!

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As an example. Lets say you downloaded a 2MB database today and tomorrow we added say 10K of additions, then you would only need to download that 10K instead of the entire 2MB+ the new 10K

Not that I've been doing this for a long time but I was playing with computers when this came out (and glad we had it due to slow modems back in the day) and it basically describes the idea as well, just a little different issue with how our data is structured and how it needs to be managed to allow it.


they are also great for people on 3G connections and other connections where they count mb = $

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Barring any unforeseen issues and that the beta testing goes well we hope to release by the end of the month.


Do you know how the new version will be offered? Will it be part of an auto update i.e or will there be a "nag message" popping up asking us to download a new version etc...I am asking because I have n't been a user for that long and have never seen such an ugrade so I want to be able to tell clients what to look for so they can change the settings inside their versions also.

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OK that is part of my question as if the update is set for auto, then it would happen automatically? I assume you are referring to free version?

For the free version no. The free version only has manual updating. If there is an update available when you click update you'll get a dialog box saying that the latest version has been downloaded. Then it should show it extracting, then back up like normal.

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Free or paid will automatically update the program when its ready. However it you look deeper in to the advanced options you'll see a feature there that is more so designed for Corporate customers where you can say do not update the program when you update the rules. This is designed to allow Network Admins more control over when or how program updates are managed.

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We apologize for the delay in releasing the upcoming version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, 1.45, but our developers have been busy working on a variety of additional features. Here is a preview of what we plan to add in the upcoming release.

1. A new scheduling engine for our customers. It will feature realtime updating, more finely-grained scheduled scanning/updating, and a streamlined interface. It will also be able to run "flash" scans.

2. Compatibility with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for our corporate customers.

3. A brand new advanced heuristics detection module that will be integrated into both scanner and protection module.

4. Integration of IP blocking options and other customizable policies into the main program interface as requested.

5. Heavily improved command line interface allowing customers to scan and remove automatically and silently.

6. A rewritten updating module that will hopefully limit the common errors users have been seeing. More changes will follow server-side.

7. Full proxy support, including authentication and integrated into the GUI.

8. Countless minor bug fixes and various optimizations.

Please note: although we do not expect it to, this list may change prior to the release due to unforseen cirumcstances including development issues.

Our expected release date is sometime during the middle of March, however that is subject to change.

Edit: added proxy support and expected release date.

I'm pretty pumped, can't lie! :huh:

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