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Planned features for 1.45

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Thank you for the updates on version 1.45, I think most of us like the updates even if they are telling us about the delay. Keep up the great work :)

exactly...the simple "we are working on it" is definately better than nothing and i really appreciate the info...i will be buying the pro version for myself as soon as the update is released, and i have already let a friend of mine that currently has the pro version know about the rdc implementation...

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i realy hope Malwarebytes will improve laptop support, atm Malwarebytes Anti-Malware uses alot of cpu while running on battery, meybe limit the scanning to only the most important files while on battery

ahhh. the hidden costs of owning a laptop rear their expensive heads.....

as the old saying goes - there's no such thing as a cheap laptop.

(Ok ok, I made it up but, I am old!)

Sooner or later someone always starts to pay almost double for a laptop in terms of the time needed to troubleshoot, analyze, configure and perform "throughput" (or "hardware replacement") functions.

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I'm really looking forward to 1.45 guys! Will the command line improvements include individual drive selection for scanning? As it is now, a command line scan pulls up all drives, and we have a large number of shared mappings that don't need to be part of the scan.

In your case shan.m.kel it sounds more like this is a business use. You should be using a Corporate Licensed version. Please send me your full contact information along with your purchase reference number or id/key from Cleverbridge and we'll assist you with command line usage. Corporate has access to more command line features already.

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