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[Video HD] Example of how you can get infected from exploits

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For the past 6 years I have been self employed running my own computer repair business. Like most of you I come across, malware, rouge, Trojans and all sorts of nasty stuff on customers computers. They always tell me they have no idea how they became infected. They just turned on their computer one day and all of sudden the infection was there. So I thought I would create some videos to help better inform them on ways they can become infected on the internet. Out of the 3 videos I created this one is one of the more interesting and scary.

This one deals with exploits. It show just show easily you can get become infected if you do not install your Windows updates or updates to Internet explorer. It doesn't cover 3rd party vulnerabilities but the outcome would be the same.

It is a 3 part video but the 1st part is by far the most interesting. Enjoy.

Part 1 (how easy it is to infect with no updates)


Part 2 (What happens when you have all your updates)


Part 3 (How well do AV's detect Exploits before they infect you)


For those of you who want to see the other 2 videos I made for my customers they can be found below

#1 - Ways To Infect Your Computer - Fake Anti-viruses


#2 - Ways To Infect Your Computer - Running Executable files that appear out of nowhere


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