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Updates are Still Jan 31 but my logs show todays Date

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Good Morning,

I'm sorry to be a bother or a pain to someone but for some reason since yesterday I have done my Updates and for some reason it still shows it Jan 31st...but in my logs it shows yesterday and today's updates it shows the right date...any help on this matter would be helpful...and I wait for a answer Thank you Kindly...From a older person I don't know much about computers... I just don't if is my side with this problems or others are having the same problem again Thank you for taking the time to read this....

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i just want to say Thank you...but I'm trying to understand why dose it show Jan 31st when I update it always shows the date it updates...my logs have the right date...except where you update that date is wrong it never did that...I'm from Toronto,Ontario...and always shows the right day when you do your Updates...I hope I'm explaining this right...Thank you again for your help

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Let's see if we can work through this, see if I understand what you are seeing. This morning the Update tab of MBAM showed the date as the previous day while the log showed that an update was done today. As of the afternoon, if another update is manually run, the date on the Update tab probably reads todays date.

The Update tab date is the day the update was made by Malwarebytes. The log shows the day and time an update download attempt took place by your PC. When the morning update of MBAM ocurred, the last update available from Malwarebytes was one from the previous day. Therefore, the update tab would only show yesterdays date - the time the update was composed and made available for download. This afternoon, when another manual (or auto for that matter) update is tried by your PC, Malwarebytes has had the morning to make a new update and have it available for download. Now the update tab will have todays date and the log would show when the update download was attempted

You can see the update attempts in the log, which can be done all the time while the date on the update tab is the date that Malwarebytes has the last update available for download. If they didn't have an new update available for four days, then the update tab could be four days behind the log date for attempted updating.

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Just a quick question here, are you updating via an admin account?

On XP you need to be logged onto the Admin account period to update Malwarebytes.

On Vista (and pretty sure 7 as well) if you are NOT logged into the admin account, you can right-click and choose "run as admin". You'll be prompted for the password to the admin account and then you can type it in and Malwarebytes will update :)

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