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Pre Purchase Questions

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Hello folks,

1 Is there an Auto Update Function in the Registered version?

2 Can you direct me to any long-ass threads on forums where MBAM is discussed?

3 Is Nosirrah one of it's authors? Is this the same Nosirrah that did the extensive testing of security products vs malware on Castlecops?

4 What else besides Realtime Protection is exclusively in the Registered version?

5 Can it be guaranteed that you're support won't be heading offroad like boclean,ewido,prevx,etc.?

Thank you,


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Hi there Scavenger and welcome to Malwarebytes. I can answer some of your questions.

1. There is an option to have the program update at a specific time of day the user chooses.

2. No I can't MBAM is new, the general public is just getting a taste. I also can't allow you to see and threads that are in association with development although there is an entire section of this site devoted to that and some long ass threads In general MBAM has had good if not fantastic reviews from the general public as well as those in the security community.

3. Yes nosirrah is one of it's authors and that is listed in the about section of the program itself. Yes it is the same nosirrah from Castle Cops.

4. Besides real time protection there is the removal feature. Real time protection is what you pay for when you buy a license. The removal can be had for free.

5. This might be what your looking for for this question http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3839

It's a great program, low on resources, updated several times a day and constant research for new variants.

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