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Suspected false positive


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System: Windows XP SP3 HE

MBAM 1.44 database version 3662

Weekly full scan run today reports the file %windir%\system32\IE.ico. The file was created on 09/18/2005 and has been on my machine ever since. No idea what application actually uses this icon file: it resembles the upper portion of a stethoscope with a red cross superimposed in one corner. It was never found by MBAM before; nor does SAS find it now. I would attach the file, but do not know how to do this. Please advise.

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I have followed TeMerc's instructions this morning after first updating MBAM to database version 3667, dated 01/30/2010. This time the full scan (with the /developer switch) found no issues at all! I assume that a revision of the database after the release of version 3662 (which was used yesterday morning) is responsible. I can supply either the latest log file (completely clean!) or the previous one showing the issue. I am satisfied to let the whole matter drop at this point, however.

In response to nosirrah's comments: Indeed the flagged issue was a trace, as you suggested.

Thanks to the other posters for their replies.

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One last point to make about the file c:\windows\system32\IE.ico that was detected yesterday by MBAM with database 3662 (see OP). When I examined the folder in more detail, I discovered that there were seven files *.ico. All seven were initially installed on the same date in September 2005; some were updated in February 2006. On both dates I updated and ran Panda Active Scan (the old version 5.2 series, not the current one). One icon is a picture of an actual panda. There is no question that these files originated from Panda. I have removed them as now irrelevant. Looks like still one more example of the action of a poor quality uninstaller, leaving trash behind.

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