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I run Malwarebyte on two laptops. Acer 5610 runs full scan in a reasonable time (20-30inutes). But Compaq Presario 572US takes forever for the same full scan (3-4hours).

I don't think there are that much difference between two laptops.

Can anyone explain the difference ???

Also, can I set a schedule runs on free version. I would like to perform a quick scan every night.



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Welcome to Malwarebytes. A full scan can take 20-30 mins. All you need is a Quick scan. However your Compaq Presario 572US should not take that long on a full scan? What are the results of the scan? And what AV program are you using? + what is the results of the AV scan? regards..

EDIT: Take a glance over this! Its good info! If you think you have an infection? post back someone will help.. Yes its lots of reading. and it helped a few.... let us know please! regards...

Computer and browser slowness are not always malware related

Poor performance and other problems can be the result of disk fragmentation, disk errors, corrupt system files, too many startup programs, unnecessary services running, not enough RAM, dirty hardware, etc. As your system gets older it becomes filled with more files/programs and has a natural tendency to slow down so cleaning and regular maintenance is essential.

Listed below are a few things you can do to improve speed and system performance. Many of the these suggestions will apply if you're using Windows Vista but may be done a bit differently. Near the bottom of this thread there is a section specifically devoted to Vista Users.

For browser problems, see:

If your having connectivity issues or errors such as Page cannot be displayed see

If you're using Vista or Internet Explorer 7, see

If you have a lot of toolbars and add-ons attached to Internet Explorer, you could try improving performance by disabling those which are unecessary. See:

[*]Control Internet Explorer Add-ons with Add-on Manager

[*]Troubleshooting and Internet Explorer

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Thanks for the reply.

I have known and done all of the things listed.

My particular situation is I have two laptops with minimal startup, identical programs loaded. The only difference is one is Compaq Presario 572US and other is Acer 5610. I use one as a backup, so settings are similar on both laptops.

It puzzles me why Acer scans so much faster than Compaq.


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Hi tigerllc -

Each computer will have its own 'built in' capabilitys - My desktop XP SP3 takes about 1 hour 30 mins for a full scan (only done once a week) and will only take 7-8 mins for a required short scan - This is average depending on your systems set up, content, capacity, and other factors -

Please use ADD REPLY tab when responding -

Thank You - ;)

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@ Tigerllc741

My computer takes 45 mins to an hour and a half for a full scan (Which I do maybe once a month) and 6-10 mins max for a quick scan (done at least every other day since its so quick, hehe).

If you haven't already, I suggest that you use a temp file cleaner prior to your scan (quick or full, and I do recommend the quick scan).

Please download ATF Cleaner by Atribune to a place convenient for you, such as your desktop. Information on it may be found here.

Once its finished downloading, you should see a blue trashcan on your desktop or to a folder convenient for you.

Double click, and accept the prompt by clicking Run. If running Vista or 7, please right-click and choose "Run as Administrator".

Click the "select all" check box at the bottom, and if you don't want to clear your Recycle Bin, make sure you uncheck that. Then, click "Empty Selected".

If you use Firefox or Opera, click on those names at the top. Do the same thing, choosing select all. If you have saved passwords that you'd like to keep, click NO at the prompt. Again, click "Empty Selected".

I recommend running ATF cleaner at least once a week ;)

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