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Malwarebytes stops!

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program runs on this XP for sveral seconds, up to about 8000 files, then stops. When i click on the icon it tells me "this program is not responding".

have checked that i am running the up-to-date Malwarebytes.

Advice please - quite worried!


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This is exactly the same as my problem I mentioned in the post 'MBAM and Avira', and has happened ever since updating from v1.42 to v1.43, onwards - the scan does 500+ files, then freezes, usually on a file from windows/system32, but never at the same point or file !

I don't think it's anything to do with Avira, by the way

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@kr236rk - please send me a Private Message with your contact information and I'll assist you via email on this issue.

Since everyone keeps posting in different posts and does not seem to stay with their post and follow up with the requested information I will close this post to prevent others from doing the same here.

We cannot assist you if you do not stay with your post and provide the requested information. Do not post into other users posts when you're looking for assistance, start your own NEW post and you can reference the other post if you like.

Thank you.

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