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Something weird happen to malewarebytes on install

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Hi everyone, i have a little problem installing a anti maleware program called malewarebytes today i was installing this program and for some reason while during the installation the program got into conflict with my logitech and word perfect 12 software it started to uninstall those programs with out my permission i don't know if it did anything else to my registry keys or anywere else,

Has this happen to anyone? and if so what was the cause of this problem and how can this be solved. how can i find out if it did do anything to my registry?

Malewarebytes did not delete the program on progress, while installing the malewarebytes it seems the conflict started deleting the 2 other programs.

This was the site i downloaded the program from if you read the post on the link i am providing you will see a link to your program beign provided that caused this problem after uninsatlling and reinsatlling malewarebytes from getting it from a diffrent website, Majorgeeks has a proper install.

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...416&hl=mbam <error install

http://www.majorgeeks.com/Malwarebytes_Ant...ware_d5756.html <proper install

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It's also possible that the download was corrupted in some way. It looks like the file downloaded from RegNow, which means that the person who posted the link was most likely a Malwarebytes affiliate, so the downloaded executable should have worked properly.

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Wait, then does that mean that someone is advertising and posting affiliate links for MBAM so as to make a little money of their own? I mean, I understand perfectly if it is the site owner who does that - that is his own site and if he is a registered affiliate of MBAM / Malwarebytes in general, that is kewl - but if it is posted at a forum, and that person is not the owner, is that technically ethical?

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... but if it is posted at a forum, and that person is not the owner, is that technically ethical?

That depends on the forum's rules, and the opinion of the admins and moderators. I specificaly state in my own forum's rules that such things are not allowed, but not all forums have that rule.

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