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computer #2 problem just got worse


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Ok so the problem with my second computer is just getting worse, it's going in this order:

1. No startup, it simply freezes.

2. It acts like it has no mouse or keyboard.

I don't understand this. I have tried both remote and wired mouse and keyboard, one usb, the other is the old style mouse and keyboard, and still nothing. NOW ITS FREEZING ON THE STARTUP

I don't know what to do... any ideas?

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First thing I would try is to see why its locking up.

1. Is it overheating (are all cooling fans working and is there a lot of dust inside the computer causing this?)

2. Have you ran a diagnostics on the Memory?

3. Have you ran a diagnostics on the Hard drive?

Some computers (for example Dell) give you diagnostic tools you can use. On a dell you can hit the F12 key when you see the Dell Logo and then you can choose to run diagnostics from there, and will report if you have faulty hardware causing you to lock up.

Another tool you can use to run diagnostics is a boot CD like Hiren's BootCD 10.1, you can google it and create a CD and boot from it and run a diagnostic of your memory using Memtest. As for you hard drive, you can get diagnostic tools from you hard drive manufacturer as well.

Try those and get us some results.

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