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Problem with AVAST 5 (free)

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Running XP Pro SP3 and the paid version of MBAM.

I was not able to install AVAST 5, so I did some search on the AVAST forum.

It appeared many of us (with the same problem) were running MBAM real-time.

I unticked the option to get MBAM run at starup and rebooted.

Now I was able to install AVAST 5!

Anyone else with he same problem?

Best regards,


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I am also running XP Pro SP3, paid version of MBAM resident and Avast 5.0.377.

I also disabled MBAM resident to install Avast and the install was successful up until the last screen which returned 'Error: cannot connect to server'.

After a manual reboot it seems to be running ok, albeit with many freezes at random times. Especially with Firefox!

Hope this is fixed soon!


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Thanks Noknojon. Until this is sorted out I will startdisabled for now, otherwise my connection speeds are less than half what they should be.

Hi All -

Have you read this item on the IP setup from the FAQ section - Link below -


Also the Free Avast 5 version is very new so it may need adjusting to suit other programs - YoKenny may pick this up as he knows more about it -

Regards - :D

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Dear All,

I've not had any problems with my connection speed. The main issue for me has been random system freezes.

In addition, I've not had any BSODs yet. But.............. who knows what's around the corner?


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Same thing here with the freezes. I've had random lockups since I downloaded Avast a few days ago. If I walk away from my computer for awhile (not surfing), it freezes. Sometimes while trying to delete something or download something it freezes. I may have to go back to Avira and deal with all the FPs.

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I may have to go back to Avira and deal with all the FPs.

Before I install AVAST 5 to try it, I was running Avira and got very *few* FPs.

Did you setup it with maximum heuristic sensitivity?

I use the regular level and get FPs extremely rarely.

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NEW! Avast 5 pre-release program update [5.0.393]

This is a service release that is supposed to fix most of the issues reported for the 5.0.377 version. Most importatly, the intermittent BSODs should hopefully be gone.

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I had to download the setup_av_free.exe file then ran it and it did the update and asked for a reboot.

It's not an official release yet

If you'd like, you can test the pre-release bits now. Anyone who has problems with the official build (5.0.377) is welcome to do so.
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Hi Again -

The new Avast 5 is not real easy to uninstall - It must be done in SafeMode - If you can do that then this link to the Uninstallers may help -


Read the advice first then follow the directions it gives - I just removed it from mine and reinstalled M/soft Security Essentials -

MSE is free and I find it very easy -

Thank You - :lol:

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Noknojon, it really looks to me like MSE and Avira are the two best options - even taking into account paid AV programs. I would be happy to pay for a program that worked really well and played nice with my other toys. What does that tell you the paid (bloated) versions give you more headaches and aren't even as good as the freebies? :lol:

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avast! V5 releases fix for problem with MBAM in 5.0.396 update:


Read PCMag review of MSE by Neil Rubenking:

Microsoft's Security Essentials: Not Bad, Not Great

Where he states

So should you rely on Microsoft Security Essentials for free protection? I'd say no, unless you strongly value the Microsoft name. My own testing suggests that you'll do better with one of the other free anti-malware solutions such as AVG Anti-Virus Free or avast! antivirus Home Edition.


Free vs Fee anti virus:

Can you Trust Free Anti-Virus?


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