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malwarebytes paid version question

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I have the free versions of avast and malwarebytes. I recently was infected w/ a virus that prevented me from running malwarebytes scan which I believe would have enabled me to delete the virus. This virus also made changes to the registry.

Would the pay version of malwarebytes w/ the real-time scanning prevented the virus ?

Does the pay version w/ real time scanning slow down the pc ?


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It may or may not have. MBAM is not a traditional AV and it isn't intended to be. That said it's possible MBAM may have picked this infection up if you'd had the real-time protection module of the paid version running.

No it doesn't slow down a pc to any extent that you would notice; in fact you wouldn't even know it was running unless you checked.

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Just to add onto what Marcus said, MBAM pro/paid is very light on system resources, I hardly notice it. All I need to see is my red & white "M" in the taskbar.

It provides excellent realtime protection as well as malicious IP blocking protection :D

It's well worth the $24.95 it costs for a LIFETIME license for home users (different pricing and renewals applies to business and technician users). If you get a new computer in the future, and don't need the full version on both, you can transfer it, and we can tell you how if and when the time comes for that. Otherwise, you could purchase a second license for a second machine. One license per machine.

So if you can afford it, its WELL worth the money and then some. There's also automatic updates and automatic quick-scan scheduling available too :)

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I have noticed that on machines which run really bloated A/V's, like those All-In-On AntiVirus/AntiSpam/AntiSpyware/Firewall/Web Filter products (Like Trend Micro, McAfee, Norton etc.) that Malwarebytes running along side of them does cause minor slowdowns, but nothing noticeable unless you do a lot of 3D Graphic intensive rendering or benchmarking tests.

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I have the paid version, but I know no program is going to block everything, including MBAM. There are brilliant minds out there conceiving this malware, and they closely watch all the best malware removal companies that thwart them. It's basically a war with both sides trying to outstrategize the other. I do feel more secure with MBAM real-time, especially the IP blocker and strong Vundo coverage. I'm a little biased, though. MBAM did save my system last summer, and it didn't cost me a dime. I vowed then I would buy it as soon as I got a little extra money.

It is tough to decide what software to use if you're putting together your own security package (as opposed to getting a suite). All you can do is look at the different threats out there and how they execute and try to cover as many bases as you can.

One incident did occur a week or so ago that was interesting. I also have SUPERAntispyware, free version, for occasional on-demand scanning. SAS has home page hijack protection in the free version. I got an SAS alert one day, but MBAM had already intercepted the hijack and quarantined it before it could execute. Pretty cool. :lol:

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