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Need help removing nasty virus

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Hi I am new to the forum so not sure exactly what info to post. I have been reading other solutions and have tried some but getting nowhere. 2 days ago I got antivirus 2010 (I think that is what it was called). I couldn't run malware, couldn't run my avg, couldn't run task manager or regedit. Installed a program called rkill.com which disabled the virus and allowed me to run and clean machine or so I thought. Yesterday after a few hours of internet use without any problems I got a new popup which I beleive is a security alert virus. I have now downloaded a new program to stop this which is process explorer (renamed to iexplore.exe and then disable the virus there. However then I can not access the internet. I have another laptop and another desktop which I am utilizing to get all needed programs and downloads. My laptop will not even recognize a USB hard drive so everything has to be saved to a CD. I tried running combofix but after going through all the stages it runs forever adding a bunch of really strange files to the screen that end in rcv000(then some combo of numbers or letters) then .num then the same exact file except ending in .sys. After about 1/2 hour I just stopped the process. I was able to run combofix the day before with no problem. I just ran rootrepeal and it found 4 hidden/locked files and only lists 2. I am ready to throw the computer in the garbage. Not sure what info is needed for someone to help me but any help would be much appreciated. I am not going to attempt to fix this any further without some expert assistance. Anyone game?

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