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Where to begin?


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This isn't exactly "off topic" but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

Let me start about my background.

I'm 27, I've been working in IT for about 6 years, I'm an MCSA and do a lot of network admin stuff for small-medium sized businesses/networks. Everything from replacing mice to implementing/managing/maintaing Exchange Servers, Active Directory, backups, etc. etc.

Like most, everything I know is self taught and a lot of times it's been"trial by fire".

I get great joy from battling and removing a tough piece of malware and rootkits, and I posses a great deal of awe and fascination in the sophistication of these types of problems.

However, I want to step up my malware removal game away from the defensive to the offensive.

I want to do something along the same lines that your researches at MWB do, FireEye, ThreatPost, etc. etc.

What I don't posses is any experience what so ever in software development or programming.

What I do posses is a yearning and eagerness to learn, and a great ability to think abstractly, see the "big picture", and solve problems.

Where do I start?

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Not 'off topic' at all - General chat is ideal for this - We like to see people who wish to help others in this forum -

Please read the item at the bottom of this link below - It will show the places that conduct classes online for Malware diagnostics and removal -


The programs are not easy but they can be done at your own pace - I hope you follow one of these programs as they do lead to a recognised qualification -

Thank You - :D

PS - We have 2 or 3 of our people doing these courses now -

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