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Can you run Malwarebytes as limited user account?

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hello- this question may have been answered before. If so accept my appology for my ignorance.

I use Vista Home premium 32 OS with malewarebytes as an on demand scanner

I almost always log on to my computer under a limited user account. Doing this requires me to put in the Admin account password when I run an update for Malwarebytes defs.

But can I run the malwarebytes scan on the limited user account? In other words if I run the scan when logged in on the limited user account, am I still getting the same scan as I woudl if I ran the scan loggged in on the Admin account?

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You can most certainly run the scan on the limited account. Just be sure to update it first using "run as admin" and typing in the password before you update as you've been doing.

You should also run a scan on the Admin account as well, but it is a good idea to scan accounts other than the admin account, so its good that you are doing so :)

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I think you're right Chimpy.

Although if I am remembering correctly from reading a post a while back from an Admin or a Mod, individual accounts should be scanned in addition to the Admin account due to malware possibly being in files or malware being leftover on individual accounts that Mbam wouldn't otherwise pick up on when doing just a scan on the Admin account.

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Well just to add... I have worked on computers that have several accounts, and even though you scan as an Admin and it may scan the other accounts, it will not scan the registry for the other accounts.

It is better to log in as each user and perform a quick scan with each user to get all the infections out. I do this and under each account it usually picks up infections that need cleaning.

Yes it is a little time consuming, but well worth it.

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Thank you Firefox! I couldn't remember exactly why - it did have to do with the registry if I recall :)

And I agree, scanning all accounts is worth it! I only have one account and as a result I only have one account to worry about, but if I did have more than one, I would scan them all.

Currently I do a quick scan while I get ready for bed (after running a temp file cleaner), that way I can do it with all programs shut and just have the computer concentrate on the quick scan :)

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