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I have a question about the internet connection icon in Vista


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I use Vista Home premium 32 bit with up to date service pack. Norton is my real time protection. All updates for Norton, windows, malwarebytes, and Spybot are current

I use Malwarebytes,SpyBot, and Windows defender as on demand scanners

I use an HP desk Top and am on DSL so when my computer is on, it is always internet connected.

I notice from time to time that when I boot up my PC, during the boot up process there is a little yellow triangle with a black

! in the middle. It is the icon in the bottom tray on the right hand side by the date and time. It is the icon that shows internet connection.

The ! will change to a world/globe. The yellow triangle ! doesn

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I believe it just means that at that time it cannot find a connection, I get this alot as I turn my router off when not using the computer so I sometimes see the the icon turning into the globe.


Possibly someone else might be able to confirm this.

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I only have 1 PC too.

You still have a "Network" it does not just mean a few computers linked together, its what vista calls your connection type (either public or private network)

Click Control panel > Network and internet > Network and sharing centre and you can see for yourself what "Network" you have chosen to be on.

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its just that when you boot up, the drivers for the nic are not fully enabled yet, and it has not received an IP address yet. Once it is done initializing it will become that Globe you are talking about.

It it stays with the ! then it failed to connect to the Internet (and also receive an ip address)

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Hi. I'm very familiar with that triangle with the "!". I have an incredibly unstable DSL connection (long story that I won't bore you with) and so every time my connection drops off I get that sign just before it comes back on line again with the globe. If you hover your mouse over it, it will say "limited connection". And right on cue it has dropped again (fourth time in 20mins). I'll have to copy and paste this and re-login to post the comment. Firefox has explained the finer details of why it happens. :) The symbol does not stand for an infection as you'd read elsewhere.

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Cool. thanks all.

Now I do notice that sometimes on boot up, my firewall activity will show something like this ( the IP address is made up)

firewall allows (3)

then the IP address my ISP gives me will be the same except for the last part

example my made up IP address

so the address is the same except the last 3 digits.

I knwo IP addresses ending in .255 are the "broadcast" message from the ISP and that they go to all the IPs in the range

So do I get that because my ISP is searching for an IP that is available?

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