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Wheres this stuff coming from?.....

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From Swandog46 and Swagger

I am by no means an expert and I do not have any exact figures, but the malware industry is a multi-billion dollar business. It generates a lot of money on both the good and evil side.

In this day and age most malware writers are professionals backed by syndicates of organized criminals. Between identity/credit card theft, spam, and pay-per-click hijackings, this is a billion-dollar industry -- Billion with a B. Please do your research. You might start by reading about the Russian Business Network.

I am no expert either, but viruses come from both email and also websites. From web sites they are coded into the website and you get them from drive-by downloads. All you have to do is visit a site that has malicious code on it and it installs onto your computer. Some of the adds that are on websites (coming from ad servers) are infected.

Malwarebytes full version can help you get and stay protected by blocking some of these malicious web sites.

Hope that answers your question.

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I use layered protection also. Plus I barely surf, lol. But since getting a HOSTS file I do surf a little bit more than I have been for the last 8 months :)

Not to mention I keep my programs and plug-ins up to date (that's VERY important). I got rid of Java though because I basically never used it and I was sick another thing to update when I don't really use or need it.

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Hope you are also using layered protection (ie. Antivirus software and Antimalware software (like MBAM))

Yes, am using the full paid version of MBAM and Microsoft Security Essentials on my homebuilt Win 7 machine. Also a big ESET fan, have that on the laptop with MBAM.

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