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malwarebytes anitmalwares treatment of the antiWPA3 windows xp activation hack is extremely harmful to the average user

as the majority of users are not aware they have a pirated version of windows and microsoft themselves choosing to leave activation packs in place and alerting users to their presence malwarebytes detection as trojan:i.stole.windows is dubious

malwarebytes should either have a pop up warning before removing the above item or at the very least change the detection name to something less alarming and more informative "potentially unwanted item: windows activation patch" would be vastly preferable than scaring users into removing it (lets face it, the average mbam user just goes remove all) resulting in windows either going back into 30 days to activate mode or locking the user out of their system totally - is vastly more harmful and results in a lot of animosity towards malwarebytes

i hope the above situation can be resolved soon!

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