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malwarebytes - anti-everything ?

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I've tried so many antivirus/antimalware for over 10 years. superantispyware was initially good, but now plenty malware outsmarts it. but malwarebytes has been consistently good.

i like microsoft security essentials but it doesnt work in windows 2003 server.

just wondering if I could use malwarebytes paid version as an antivirus replacement? would there be a difference in technical point of view?

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Greetings and welcome zzzxtreme :)

Although you are technically correct, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware does not target all malware, it is only focused on the latest threats that the majority of antivirus vendors fail to detect and/or remove. Malware by actual definition is any form of malicious software, including viruses, but the reason that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware uses the title it does is because it does not focus on any specific type of threat, simply threats that statistically aren't dealt with very well or in a timely manner by most major AV's, that includes viruses.

All that being said, you should run antivirus software along with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to have complete protection for you systems as more common threats will not be detected by Malwarebytes'.

I hope I've appropriately answered your question. If you need anything else please post.

Thanks :(

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my argument is there are no more viruses in NT environment, just malicious programs. so why antivirus? isn't it practically an antimalware ? what am i missing?

There are still virus as well as malware programs floating around from 5-10 years ago in some programs that you can still download -

You always will need some form of "layered protection" at any time - I just checked one infection that had not been noted for 5 years but it just resurfaced in another program and infected a users computer - They never die but just hide in more obscure places -

Good Luck, and at least run a free A/V like Avira or Avast, just to be sure as well as scans with malware removal programs - :(

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I do not believe that free anti virus applications work on Windows 2003 server:


avast! SBS Edition - System Requirements:


This provides support for 5 PCs for $291.81CAD/year

An anti virus application is recommended as a companion to Malwarebytes as exile360 says and WinPatrol will work on the client system and probably Windows 2003 server.

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