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Ok im sorry to ask this but can someone tell me what to do when I get this message

Failed to start because your side-by-side configuration is incorect.What dose it mean?

I get this message when I start Dragon Age:Origins,Borderlands and Battleforge.

Plz help I think more and more games will do this

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Greetings :)

Please try the following to see if it helps:

Uninstall Programs:

  • Click on the Vista Start vista-7-start.png button and select Control Panel
  • Click on Programs and Features
  • Uninstall the following if found by right clicking each entry and selecting Remove (if available as an option, otherwise click Change) and follow the instructions to completely remove the software:

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Uninstall any entry with this name, there may be several, start with the ATL Update

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Uninstall any entry with this name

Once that's complete try installing the entries you uninstalled in the previous step. They can be downloaded from the following links:

Please let me know how it goes.

Thanks :)

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Yes, I remember now :) . I don't think I posted this one though, in fact, I think MS added it quite recently:

Windows Update error 80070002

If you receive Windows Update error 80070002 while checking for updates, you need to remove the temporary update files that Windows uses to identify updates for your computer. To remove the temporary files, stop the Windows Update service, delete the temporary update files, restart the Windows Update service, and then try to check for Windows updates again.
I know we've tried much of what it suggests already, but you might want to give all those steps another go to see if there's any we missed and hopefully you'll finally get it resolved.
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I assume you already ran the System Update Readiness Tool as well? If you used that page before then I'm sure you did. I'm at a loss on this one unfortunately. I looked back at your previous threads and we've thrown everything I can think of at this with no resolution :( .

Hopefully AdvancedSetup will have better luck with it in the HJT area (I just noticed your topic is still open there). He is a true master and I've no doubt he'll think of many things that I haven't.

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I just noticed something VC++ 2005 and VC++2005 sevice pack 1 for vista 32 bit are the same size!!!Why is that?

hmmmm but also version that you posted is 300 kb smaller than which I had my version installs also I managed installing service pack 1 but I still cant start those games that means my version is fake and your is real one :):)

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