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thank you so much! =)


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this program is the best ever.

i ran this scan and it took an hour...and found over 1000 things (thats 1k)

and this program made my computer run so much faster, without all the virus's it ran better.

i tell everyone i know to get this program, i tell them that its the best program i have seen, and most likely the best program ANYONE will see.

easy to use/understand interface

scans take almost no time

finds "almost everything" on your computer (really its everything)

i end up updating this program once a week.

what does that say about the program, the creators, and this site?

that you guys are always making improvments, you want this program to be the best it can be, than you want it to BEAT THAT!!!

you guys do all this and its free?

i have to say that your all CRAZY

but your awesome people =)

thanks to EVERYONE in the malwarebytes team =)

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Hello and welcome to the forums here at Malwarebytes.org :)

I'm glad that Malwarebytes was able to help get your computer in a safer, working order.

However, since you say it removed about 1,000 infections, I think that you should take a visit over here:


And post your most recent Malwarebytes log where something was detected, as well as any other important information, so someone can look over it to ensure that nothing else is lurking on your computer.

It can take 48 hours or longer for someone to get back to you, especially at busier times (right now is one of those times), so please be patient.

Thank you for choosing Malwarebytes :)

Also, when replying, please use the "ADD REPLY" button at the bottom of the page.

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ok, the reason it got so many was because i had norton, and my trial ran out....so i have that fixed. i run kaspersky virus removal tool, AVG Free, and malwarebytes more than once a week.

when i first used malwarebytes it was about a year and a half ago, but now i know more about computers....alot more.

i help people out who need help with their computers, i fixed my moms computer that had over 7 rough anti virus's, reg cleaners, and so much more with malwarebytes.

thanks for the help thought =)

and is there a portable version yet? i know that some people try to make it portable...but they dont compare to what the malwarebytes team can do

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Hello again, kitkin15.tk :)

Ah, I see. It's essential to have an antivirus at all times. I'd recommend Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) or Avira over AVG any day.

If you are looking for a good, free AV, please read the following (from Exile360, one of our experts here):

-----The following are my recommendations for antivirus protection along with links to downloads for them (free trials for those that require a purchase so you can try them before deciding):

Note: If you decide to use one of the trial versions of one of the paid antiviruses then you will either need to purchase it or uninstall it completely and install a replacement antivirus before the trial expires so that your PC is not left unprotected.

MSE Downloads:

Definitions Installers:

Note: if installing the definitions in Windows Vista or Windows 7 you MUST right click the definitions installer and select Run as administrator and click Continue at the User Account Control prompt.

You will need a removal tool if you choose to remove AVG and go with something else. I can provide you with this if you want to replace AVG :) Also, since you previously had Norton/Symantec, you should also run the Norton removal tool, which I can also provide you with.

There is not a portable version yet of MBAM, and there may or may not be one in the distant future. This has been discussed many times on the forum here before.

You could take a look at these topics (but please do not reply in any of them)! You don't have to read them all; just pick a couple or read them all if you do have some spare time:




If you are getting paid to do removal on peoples machines (vs volunteering your time to family and friends) you will need a technicians license to legally and ethically run Malwarebytes on other people's infected machines. You can email support@malwarebytes.org or corporate@malwarebytes.org for more information.

And as I said before, I really think you should take a trip over to the Malware removal forum, because since you had 1,000 things removed from your machine, there may be something still leftover and/or lurking on your computer. The choice is yours of course, but I would STRONGLY advise you to do so.

Thank you again for choosing Malwarebytes :)

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You're welcome!

Alright, if you are happy with AVG, then that's fine of course :) I just wanted to present you with a few other alternatives. I actually use AVG myself but will be switching to Kaspersky or Avira (paid) very soon.

Do you know why your aunts computer isn't taking AVG? Has her machine had any recent infections on it?

I've gotten Avira free on at least three machines, and my friends and family are happy with it :)

And just remember, NEVER install more than one antivirus at a time on a computer; they can conflict together and actually lower your security.

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yes i used to be a member on tech support guy and they tought me alot, including only one antivirus to a computer.

and yes my aunt recently had a rouge anti virus, called antivirus plus. i got rid of it (thanks to malwarebytes)

but she waited to long to tell me, and she left her computer on and connected to the internet. it got so infected that i tried to update (XP service pack 3) and when it was done...it would not get off of the boot screen.

we fixed it now, i think. but shes decided to have no AV or any protection at all....she said she will just re install everything when she gets a infection.

i told her that she will have to do that every day then, if shes lucky than itll only be every week.

i think the problem was that the virus got so deep in her regestry that it was stoping her from turning on. she thinks that its my fault when she told me that she did not want me to run a "reg cleaner". i always go against "reg cleaners" but in this case i thought it was importent, i should have ran the scan. (ccleaner is the reg cleaner i put on)

im pretty sure the problem is fixed, if not than i should have info on how to fix it from another forum i went to (just got banned yesterday for defending a mod that was going to get banned...)

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Tell you what, if she is going to reinstall everything and plans not to have AV software installed, she is asking for it.

Here is what you do. Reinstall everything just the way you want it (or she wants it). Then create a ghost image of the computer. This way when you have to redo the computer again, just restore the image. Restoring the image only takes about 20 min (of course it depends on how big the image is).

That way she is back up and running in no time.

We I know I can speak for most folks here on this forum, that we do not recommend running a computer without any protection.

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You know this of course, and I'm sure it goes without saying, but its a very bad idea to go online with any computer with NO antivirus protection.

Is the cost a problem for your aunt? One of the free choices (Avira or MSE) that I gave you earlier on in this thread would be an excellent choice for your aunts computer if cost is an issue :)

If she insists, Firefox's idea would be a good one, but again, that's just not a good idea to go online without an antivirus :)

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I keep a ghost image of the kids computers, not because I don't have protection on them, but if by any chance they get hosed up, I don't worry about even cleaning it up, I just re-image it from my saved copy, do a few updates and its right back to normal. No data is saved on their computers......

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May I ask you what imaging is and how it works? Or, if you have some links where I could read about it myself?

I'm just curious as I have no idea how it works, what it really is (other than it captures the system at the time you choose) or how it can resolve a malware issue as a result of going back to the pre-malware image.

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SURE Here are a few:

Symantec Norton Ghost ( I use this one, kinda... I have a corporate edition that works a little different)

Acronis True Image

With the corp editon I make clones of hard drives (image files) and then I can send that clone to say 20 computers at one time, and then I just change the computer name and I have 20 identical computers.

I think you can make a clone with the above two programs listed for your single computer too. If you need more info let me know

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Thanks for the information and links, Firefox :)

I'll take a look at them later on when I have some more time, and I will definitely let you know if I have any questions or want more info :)

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ohh thank you for that =)

and my aunts problem is trust issures with me =( she thinks that i messed her computer up, and she has now idea what AV to get....but i do. so shes just gana give up =(

do eaither of you have links to smoething that will tell her how importent it is to have protection? i had around 4 programs to protect her computer (only one of those was a AV) and well.....i dont know

she thinks its ok because she will only be on myspace and facebook....and if you ask me your better off going to a site like mine, no one wil lwnat to take over my site and put virus's on it, but myspace and facebook...those are huge targets. you can get a virus so easy on those site.

even google can be dangerious, they have gottin hijacked around 40 times (a friend said tha, im not sure if its true)

so no matter where you go your in danger.

i was thinking about making a PDF file with info on it, making it look like i didnt do it and than i was gana send it to her.

this way she will read and understand it.

my aunt is not dumb or even bad with computers, shes just...well i dont know...but shes helped me out alot and i think im pretty good with computers lol

and how much memory does a normal ghost image take?

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and do eaither of you have links to sites that have "schools" for malware removal and stuff (hijack logs and so on)

ive been to bleepingcomputer.com, but a mod there told me that he didnt want to answer my question, so he closed my topic!!!

so i kind of sent him a rude message...im banned.

i went to geekstogo.com, and this mod on there helped me ALOT with my site. well they were having new mods come in, and they had awards from microsoft...this mod didnt, i was trying to defend him because they wanted to kick him out. he was very smart and he deserved to be on there, ive seen all the help he gave people....so im banned....messed up, but im banned =(

those two have courses, and i know theres another

i think its: malwareremoval.com.

i have it in my bookmarks and im going to check that out later

i want to see if there are more because i think this is something good for me to know.

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I'll dig up some links for you later on tonight kitkin15.tk, about why its important to have AV :)

She should be even MORE concerned with her computer and internet safety because of using Facebook and Myspace ::shakes head::... which you clearly know :)

May I ask why she thinks that you messed up her computer, though?

As for the ghost image and memory, Firefox will likely know the answer :)

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and how much memory does a normal ghost image take?

How much memory depends on what you have installed on a computer. For example a windows XPSP3 install with all updates, Office 2007, Adobe CS3, and a few other tools with AV, MBAM, Roxio burning software.

That image is about 7GB to 8GB. It spans the images to anywhere from 2GB to 4GB files depending on if the hard drive you are putting the image on is FAT32 or NTFS. Fat32 has a 2GB file size limit that is why it makes them 2GB.

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Okay, kitkin15.tk, I am back with some links for yah :)

These links from Miekiemoes (one of our Administrators here) blog:

I don't use an Antivirus, because I have never been infected...


Top Ten excuses why people don't want to secure their computer


How to prevent malware


Here is a link to a blog she wrote about backing up files (including info about data imaging):


And another link from her blog that would be good for you (and your aunt) to read:

Increase of malware found on legitimate websites


From BleepingComputer.com:

(please ignore Google ads, StopZilla ads, etc...)

Simple and easy ways to keep your computer safe and secure on the Internet


This article is kind of old, but its still a good read and still is very relevant!

Antivirus updating - why it's more important than ever before


Happy reading, and let me know if there's anything else I can help you with :)

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  • Staff
i went to geekstogo.com, and this mod on there helped me ALOT with my site. well they were having new mods come in, and they had awards from microsoft...this mod didnt, i was trying to defend him because they wanted to kick him out. he was very smart and he deserved to be on there, ive seen all the help he gave people....so im banned....messed up, but im banned =(

Hi kitkin15.tk,

I wasn't going to say anything, but if you are telling stories, you should tell them completely.

You were banned from GeeksToGo for hosting files on your site for which you have no permission.

It has nothing to do with the person who decided to leave. He was a great helper, but no Moderator.

There is no problem with these nice people here helping you secure computers, but stick to that subject, please.


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You were banned from GeeksToGo for hosting files on your site for which you have no permission.


Please don't continue this practice... its not legal and certainly not ethical either.

Aside from that, yes, lets stick to the subject :) Enjoy the links I gave you!

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  • Staff

I asked you to stay on topic. I'm not going to do that again. :)

How I know? I'm one of those Microsoft awarded Moderators you wrote about. Here and at GeeksToGo.

If you look at the thread you will notice that it says "Banned" under your name and "Retired Staff" under that of Major Payne.

I'm not going into his motives for leaving, so I hope you will keep your private conversations what they were intended to be: private.

So, get back on topic. And stay there.

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