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Interesting Virus Infection...


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Ok...so my brother's computer got hit hard, we're not sure how. He has mbam, avast, spybot, firewall, etc. He also does not rememebr doing anything unusual, which leads me to beleive a web ad did it. At first it gave the pop up for malware defense and would crash the computer after a while. In safe mode, none of the anti malware software would run, also could not install or uninstall. After killing the malware defense with Hijack this, and regedit, I removed the hard drive and put it in my computer and scanned it with mbam (his still would not load). It found 8 viruses, rouge.installer, which hijack this also found... and then 7 trojan.vundo in the system 32 folder. After all of this, and some cleanup with hijack this, I removed all the malware - or so I hope.

Currently installers work again, I can instal and uninstall - which I could not do before, and it is faster, no popups, everything seems to work. Except that no antimalware can load. Avast will load in it's simple user interface, but the chest will not load, nor will the auto protect process (I also cannot start them) I can perform a boot time scan which finds nothing, and after uninstalling and reinstalling mbam, avast, and spybot, none of them load. CCleaner loads and I cleaned with that, no help. Kaspersky installed, but it also wont load.

I have looked through Hijack this, and dug around the registry for a while, and I am confident there is no virus left over (I have been trained in malware removal, so the registry and hijack this look clean).

Does anyone know of a setting that could be corrupt/turned off to prevent the GUIs and processes of anti malware from booting? Or is it likeley there is still some left over virus hiding that is stoping it all?

Tomorrow I'll try scanning it from my desktop with kaspersky...Otherwise I'm out of ideas.

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Also, system restore does not work either...it loads up, you can pick a date, and when it says this is what will happen blah blah hit next to restore, no matter how much you click, or alt+n it does not work. Also nothing works in safe mode any better.

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