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Malwarebytes brings on developer

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To be honest, I'm amazed people still remember me...

You are the reason I am here. :)

If it had not been for your blog post about Rogue Remover back in the day, then I would never have known about the once-little company called Malwarebytes. :)

... There are even some of us who remember CWShredder & KazaaBegone. :)

KazaaBegone made my life easier many times back in the day! That was a long time ago, but an excellent tool. :)

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Not to mention BFU. There are even some of us who remember CWShredder & KazaaBegone. :)

This is so true for some of us that have been around for a while. :)

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Wow, that's excellent :) ! One of the grand masters of malware removal and inventor of its most well known manual removal tools joins the team. Welcome merijn :) ! I look forward to seeing you help MBAM to continue to become the most powerful anti-malware tool out there.

That's great news. Congratulations! :)

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Oh, man, this is excellent news. I always wondered what became of you since the last time I saw you way back in the SWI forums.

So I happened to stumble across Merijn.nu in a Google search about IObit, and because it hadn't been updated since 2009, I searched for "Merijn" and I found this topic and had to congratulate you. ( sorry to bring up an old topic, but I've never actually posted on the MBAM forums, so I didn't have the chance to see this topic a few months ago. ) So, congrats are in order to both the MWB team and Merijn!

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