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Malwarebytes brings on developer

RubbeR DuckY

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Although I've never heard of you considering the excitement here.. Welcome!! Sounds like you could put the fear in the malware creators eyes! Malwarebytes may become No.1 now!(Well in my eyes they already are!)

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Wow, that's excellent ;) ! One of the grand masters of malware removal and inventor of its most well known manual removal tools joins the team. Welcome merijn :D ! I look forward to seeing you help MBAM to continue to become the most powerful anti-malware tool out there.

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Excellent news!! Welcome to MBAM!! After reading some of the comments previous to mine, it seems like you have achieved some AMAZING things and that MBAM (and ultimately us users) are very lucky to have you. ;) Congratulations!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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