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2.5 billion milestone

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Another milestone has been reached.

Since the foundation of Malwarebytes we have removed 2.5 billion infections. For free!

You can keep track of this number by looking at our on-line database MalwareNET™.

Those are just counting the anonymous data we get from the users that allow it, so there are probably many more.

It also doesn't tell us how many users of the full version were spared by our protection modules.

A proud moment for Malwarebytes and at the current rate it will not take another five years to double that amount.

Thank you for your trust in our product.

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Woohoo! This is GREAT news ;)

Congratulations Malwarebytes :D

You are most welcome. I trust your product and I will never go without it again on any machine that I own.

I recommend it to family and friends and get the word out about it whenever I have an opportunity.

Your product and your staff are wonderful and you all have my support :o

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Whoa! Thats a LOT of Malware that you guys have removed... Although I have to say the figure is probably closer to 3B by now, since I myself have removed a good few hundred infections from friends and family's computers that have no net connection - I can only image that many other people have done the same.

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Well I'm new and on the first time using I contributed to the number by 322, and since then I'm up to 338 now. Not sure if all are trully bad items but all are in quarantine now. Except two, one for sure I new was bad and one accidently deleted. I need help to know if the other ones shuld be deleted or if they might still be needed.

I'm so glad that the site here is good and usefull, other ones wanted to charge me for such services. Today I signed up to the Forum here and glad I did. Thank you all!

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