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Internet Security 2010

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I seem to have the same one here. MB was installed on thi already, so no install trouble, but this is what has happened so far:

-It's still so active in safemode that I can't do much.

-Can't open task mgr (profile change, admin won't let you)

-Can't run cmd. let's it open and immediately shuts it with alert that cmd is "infected".

-CAN run command, but cant run "dir" or "del" without getting "infected" warning.

-Malwarebytes opens (renamed) but is shut down shortly with "infected" warning.

-Ran boot disk. Deleted entire programfiles/is2010 folder, removed reference found in startups, removed "run" instance in reg.

-reboot, still there in full force.

This itteration stops me at all I try so far. I love your product, but can't get at it. This is the first time I have seen these fake AVs actually behave like a real AV, but with a devious signature list. .....and no responses yet, must be new?

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I have killed it manually using a boot disk. I was able to rename the dredded winlogon32 and smss32 and a couple of others I found through research. I made a few registry corrections and ran a lesser malware tool that is included on my boot disk.

Though I have seemed to correct ALL of the issues except ONE! I can't run malwarebytes for a final cleanup. It will start but only runs for a few seconds. I made a new topic with more detail after not finding anyone with this specific behavior. I have what I needed from this topic and have taken my remaining concern to the new topic.

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