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MBfree opens, runs for a few seconds then closes

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After fighting with this for a IS2010 for a few hours, I have control of the machine. Policy changes were removed manually (UBCD) and the infection files were renamed (winlogon32 lsass32 warning.html). I fixed the LSP to remove helper32). I was able to run a lesser tool from UBCD (boot disk) and it caught some additional things.

Unfortunately, the only problem that has not changed it that Malwarebytes will only stay open for a few seconds (slight variation in time). I can start a scan or an update, but it shortly closes the entire program. If I just open it and wait it will close.

I uninstaled the older version that was on the machine bafore the infection. I tried to install the new version (cnet, 1.44?) but had and error (can't remember) that kept it from starting. I then went to remove all folders, but the main program folder contained a file that would not allow deletion. I worked around that and removed all Malwarebytes folders (profile and program files).

This time it installed, but still aborts with no message as before. It can't even update. Everything else seems fine. I can access your site, move to the download page, download... but I can't run my final scan with MB. Hijack this looks clean. I can't find any other issues.

I took a quick look across the posts, but can't find this particular behavior.

HEP! Any ideas?


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Guess I was too quick to post. I ran combofix and it cleared the behavior. Just before that I tried to install Avira, it failed to install. Then I tried Avast, failed. I have yet to try the AV programs again, but Malwarebytes is happily running a scan as I type.

Perhaps this topic will be useful to others.

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