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False positive???


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Malwarebytes gave me an alert for this IP address....

This is a site that has apparently been used by many members of a filmmakers site to which I belong, and they all vouch for it. Malwarebytes blocks it when I do a Norton search, however I can access it via a link on the filmmakers site.

For what it's worth, the site offers Quicktime samples of movie footage prior to purchase. But when you click on the sample, the footage does not show up, although the loading bar seems to be loading it. If you right-click on the Quicktime space where the sample movie should be, it allows you to "save target as". When I have done that, the sample movie is saved and can be viewed on Quicktime.

I don't know if this is significant or not. Perhaps Malwarebytes is blocking the Quicktime sample because that's where the malicious content is, I don't know.

Can you advise, please? Thank you. I'm sorry, but I can't see how to attach the log file as a Zip file. I've attached it as a txt file.



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Hi Struker, welcome to Malwarebytes ;)

The IP from IAC Search Media Inc is on a range that is host to over 149 malicious websites so that is why MBAM blocked it.

Thanks for your quick response, SpySentinel. It's much appreciated.

So, I guess there's no way of telling of that particular IP has malicious content? Others who have used it assure me they've had no problems, so would you say that's a reliable indicator. under the circumstances?

Thank you.

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