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Removing Xilisoft Media Toolkit from my Laptop


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Hi folks,

This is NOT my day ... I just decided to download and install the "Xilisoft Media Toolkit Ultimate" TRIAL version ... installation went OK ... however I did NOT even try it ... because I thought I would have one Program with different keys to activiate different functions ... whereas this software just installed the 4 or 5 different Individual Applications on my laptop ... so right off the back it pissed me off ... so it is not for me ... not an Honest explanation of their software ...

So, I decided I don't even want to try it out ... so I just went to the Control Center > Add/Remove Panel and TRIED to unistall the darn Xilisoft Programs and it will NOT let me uninstall them ... the program keeps taking me back to the Internet and tells me to try the Three Trial Play to get it for FREE. I keep getting into a LOOP ... being redirected to the Internet ... I think it might have added some Silent Keys or what not ...

Q1: How can I uninstall these darn Xilisoft Programs from my laptop? FYI: I am running Vista Home Premium, SP2, 64-Bit?

Q2: Is there some software like CCleaner or something Better that is "Dummy-Proof" to unistall all these Junk? Or is CCleaner the one that I can and should use?

EDIT: I was looking around since my initial post and came across Revo Unistaller ... The Freeware 1.85 version did the trick ... Wow ... what a tool!


G! ;)

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Great! Revo does a good job in removing old programs that you don't need. The only problem is that sometimes programs in the windows programs list don't show up for some reason. For instance "Daemon Tools Lite" doesn't show up for unkown reasons. Now Ccleaner uses the windows uninstaller, but shows it in Ccleaner. One last thing is to check for leftover folders. Sometimes revo doesn't remove the folder so a quick look and run Ccleaner wouldn't hurt.

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