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Need Help with VirusTotal Reading of FairUse Wizard Scan


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Hi folks,

I just loaded up the "FairUse Wizard LE (Light Edition) Freeware" onto Virustotal (VT) and the link below is to the Result of that ... it shows 2 Adwares and 1 Trojan from some Softwares that I am Not sure how reliable their scan is ...

The funny thing is AVIRA on VirusTotal did NOT detect anything ... yet when I was trying to download different Freeware version of this software my Avira was blocking the download from a "Trusted" Video website ...

VirusTotal Scan Result for FairUse Wizard LE Free Version

Q1: With 3 hits ... should I trust VT and delete the file and NOT install it on my laptop?

Q2: Why Avira did NOT catch anything in VT ... yet my resident Freeware Avira keep blocking the download?

Q3: Why Kaspresky or other Guru software did NOT catch anything in VT?

Q4: Are these False Positives!?!?

Q5: Does anyone know of a Freeware version of a Software that can convert an .ISO or a Video Folder to AVI?


G! ;)

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It gets targeted with FP often but so far I've not seen any proof that this program has any connection with Malware.


Hi AdvanceSetup,


Q1: Getting targeted with FP ... are you talking about SUPER or FairUse?

Q2: I assume SUPER is clean ... right!?!? No Adware or anything Funny!

Q3: Will it work with Vista Home Premium SP-2 64-Bit!?!?

Thanks again!

G! ;)

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  • Root Admin

I've run it on just about every OS at one time or another and it seems to work for me. I can't promise it will work and do what you want but I like it.

MBAM has targeted it for malware before but was pretty much determined to be a FP due to the file packing process used which is well known to be used by Malware as well.

As long as you have a clean download from their site it should be Malware free.

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