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As a recent customer, here's my first feeling about the product :

About the subject of BLOCKING IP, it would be wise if we could simply choose the appropriate option directly on the software instead of having to go to Registry to change value.

Also, blocking IP is nice, but it would be wise too to specify which URL is concerned, because, an IP doesn't talk to us. So when we can't access an URL, we don't know if its MBAM which has blocked the site, or if its an error from it.

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But sometimes MBAM block an IP which have nothing to deal with the site which is i'm surfing to.

For example, my partner www.infomars.fr, when i go to the Homepage, then no problem but when i enter the forum, suddenly a balloon telling me some IP is blocked but i have no idea where is it from.

It would be usefull that MBAM show clearly this IP belong to which site, hosting by ...

I suppose MBAM is destinated to User Friendly, so more explanation is welcome to help us identify the one which is gulty.

Sorry my English sucks but there is no French forums, which is weird cause MBAM is French ;)

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  • Root Admin

The issue is that we do not and probably will not be adding such lookup reference from within the program as that would increase the size and slow the program down overall.

Basically what often happens as an example:.

You go to site 111.222.333.444 and on that site it has all the content you want to view and work with. However the site owner is trying to make money so he has Ads on his/her site which possibly go to 111.333.333.222 and to another couple of dozen other sites that are feeding the Ads. Well sometimes those Ads can unknowingly to the owner of the site come from or contain code that has already been compromised and has coding within that can attempt to get you to automatically download Malware. So it may not be the main site that we're blocking but possibly (and quite often) an Ad site that is known to participate in Malware delivery.

If the main site is blocked and you feel it is a false positive then please submit the site IP address in the False Positive forum and we'll review it and if found to be a False Positive we'll remove it. If we find it to still be part of a major site operating in Malware then we will not, but you can still manually set it so that MBAM ignores that rule and goes ahead and loads that site.

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