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Extended Logging Functions


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Greetings and welcome nickels ;)

While I'm not entirely opposed to the features you mention, I really don't think they quite fit with the type of tool that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware was designed to be:

  1. Generally only a Quick Scan is recommended as Malwarebytes' relies heavily on its heuristics that target specific locations where active infections are known to reside and thus the majority of Malwarebytes' users don't even touch the Full Scan option.
  2. The majority of file management features and statistical data you mention seems more like something that an advanced file manager would have, in fact, I believe I've seen defragmenting software as well as file manager programs that are designed to use as a substitute for Windows Explorer with many if not all of the features you've listed. I don't believe it really fits in with Malwarebytes' or what they're trying to do with their tool, although I could be wrong.
  3. With regards to a progress bar, this particular issue has been discussed many times on this board and the developers have stated repeatedly that they are opposed to it simply because of the massive amount of additional overhead it adds since it has to guess based not only on the number of objects remaining in the scan (which is redundant since it has to count them in advance of scanning them) and it has to estimate the approximate sizes of all of those files as larger files take longer to scan than smaller files and text files will scan more quickly than executables. You also have to account for the final phase of the scan, the heuristics, which changes regularly with database updates as new advanced detection algorithms are added for the detection of new variations of existing infections.

All in all I can't say your suggestions are bad, simply misplaced as they would be more fit for a tool like Norton 360 or System Mechanic, pieces of software (or really suites of multiple softwares) that are designed for total computer management. Malwarebytes' have already stated in the past that they desire to stay focused on their particular niche since the entire reason they exist is because the majority of antivirus softwares try to cover everything and thus fail to deal with the nastiest of the infections that morph and mutate on a regular basis. AV's are jacks of all trades and masters of none, but Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware has a very specific use and a focused business model and they are masters at what they do :) .

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Without a remote agent physically installed there is no way to properly detect or remove a Malware threat from another computer. If a dormant file is found and not currently in use then it could be deleted but that is very basic and prone to false positives. As Exile has pointed out what you're seeking is not possible with MBAM.

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Sure, I understand, and I think I raised some of those issues. But point in fact, I don't use the quick scan exclusively as the last infection I had was cleared only with a full scan.

Likewise, a pre-scan is not necessary as the previous scan becomes the pre-scan. Thus the progress bar only shows if there was a full pre-scan that was run previously. It's merely a matter of knowing the previous scan took 10 minutes, which enables a progress bar for the current scan to show 50% complete after five minutes, with the understand that it's only a rough estimate. The variance at the end of the scan then becomes a rough indication as to a growing or shrinking trend in the footprint on your disk. There is very little overhead to that process, the total of which might be washed out by eliminating the somewhat meaningless blur of file name refreshes.

As far as the other statistics, you're right, it has absolutely nothing to do with malware detection and removal. But hey, if you're like me and you like lots of numbers, and you're going to dedicate a fair amount of your morning to run a full scan on your 1TB drive, why would you want to waste the rest of the day running another utility to give you the additional numbers when it could have all been done in a single pass?

These were merely suggestions from my point of view, which are highly specific to my interests. Rarely does the world agree with me, but I appreciate your thoughtful and considered comments.

Malwarebytes is undeniably a fantastic piece of work exactly in the shape it's in.

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