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ok.....I would love to try the steps necessary to help my computer

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I really hope someone will reply with some help. THis is the 4th discussion board I have tried and I am really at a loss. Basically here is the simple gist.

Computer acting funny several pop ups yada yada......run a mcaffe scan picked up nothing......computer still seemed to be acting funny so I checked for updates and ran another scan. This time it picked up 5 items all ending with the name artemis. It quarantined it and said to restart my computer. So I did. BAM.....the computers starts up and takes me to the user home page. We have 4 users at our house. I can click on any of them and get the same result. It starts to log on and then the desktop will half load and then log itself right back off.

I tried to log in in safe mode and i get a message saying my computer was stopped to prevent any damage to critical components.

I realize I can call Mcaffee and pay 89 bucks but that just ticks me off and I don't know if they could actually even help with remote access since I can't even get into the computer in that way. They won't even tell me if it is remotely possible until after I pay and it they can't even get into my computer I still have to pay.

Is there anything I can try to cojoil my pc into the land of the living?


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