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Disable IP Protection

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Ive done a research in this link Disable IP Protection

I follow his instruction but my question is i cant understand how to disable

AdvancedSetup says

# silentipmode

Description: With a DWORD value of 1, the protection module will block and log IPs silently.

# startipdisabled

Description: With a DWORD value of 1, IP blocking will start disabled on reboot, although it can be enabled subsequently.

# disableipblocking

Description: With a DWORD value of 1, IP blocking will be permanently disabled (cannot be toggled).

I dont know what to type in Dword Value.

Will i type in Dword Value? is it "1"?

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Im new to this software.

AdvancedSetup post 3 ways in disable Ip Protection.




I like the startipdisabled but im not sure what really this means...???? ;)

Does this means when after booting up? it will no longer run automatically the IP Protection?

Because what ive experience after booting up it will automatically run the Ip Protection.

Im doing "Right Click The MBAM icon and uncheck the Ip Protection?" to disable and i dont like this kind of solution.

I want automatic disable after booting and if i wanna use it i can turn it on.

Is their a way?

It seems the Ip Blocking Disable Permanently is not good idea.

But if this is the only way can u teach me how to do it.

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Hey chubalz,

According to your last post, you would want to use the startipdisabled value then... Open Regedit and navigate to this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Then right click in the right hand window and select New -> DWORD Value -- name this startipdisabled. Lastly, double click on startipdisabled and change the value data to 1. That should be all.

More information can be found here.



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