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Extending wireless range


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A friend has built a new home on his property. It is approx 700 ft from the old home which had both cable and DSL internet access. The new home is beyond reach of either method of access without thousands of dollars paid to the phone or Cable company to run lines.

I suggested he go wireless and install a receiver/booster to pick up the signal from the old home, (Cantenna?) which is rented to a person using the DSL and wireless. His computer is on the far side of the new home from the old one with several walls between a possible pickup area for the signal.

Does anyone know of new ways to deal with this problem? Suggestions appreciated as he is sure not happy living with dialup :)

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Greetings ;)

If he has his own wireless router, such as a Linksys that has detachable antennae then yes, I have a solution :) . You actually already nailed it. It's the Cantenna. You'll need the cantenna and the extension cable. Your friend can run the cable to the other side of his house and hopefully point it out a window towards your direction and if that's still weak you can get a cantenna for your desktop or laptop to bridge the gap. You will need line of site though, so if his house is over a hill or something it won't work.

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Many thanks exile360!

I had hoped i was on the right track and yes it is line of sight and he has a Linksys. Distance just under 700 ft. I also told him that if he perhaps bought his renter the highest powered wireless router and had it placed in a window facing his house (it is a rural area but no trees) it should work better and the Cantenna to receive.

Your help and time is appreciated ;)

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