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Notifications of for example toolbars


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I see Malwarebytes do not detect Dealio and the included Search Settings stuff (mybrowserbar?) hooking into browser. You get that from for example Anvir Task Manager. The one with UniBlue links build in to program! With search redirecting and affiliate IDs all over toolbar I think it should be detected, worse than Ask that is for sure but nm. SuperAntiSpyware does'nt either. Well I was thinking that since many of these "extras" can be argued to be both clean, useful, great and having adware/spyware like behavoir would it not be useful if Malwarebytes had a notification category. Like "You might want to look into this, read privacy policy, look out for redirections" - you get the point.

Googles, Yahoos and such oldies are not so interesting. But lets take one of the 1000s Conduit toolbars. Harmless compared to Dealios but how to know? Each toolbar is handmade and customized by whoever is "author". Can be riddled with links to whatever and some users might have a need to get help in getting the right idea of what is installed/running.

There are different opinions about toolbars but seems to me crap like Dealio/Searchsettings is hiding under the scanner because you can always argue the opposite. One argument being stuff can be removed by a simple add/remove, feel free to open eyes :) Another I am fully aware of this but hey I support this company so go away. I get that but well may be still worhty of being highlighted? Without being judgemental or member of Toolbar haters club. I am thinking an approach on the line of Firefox add-on site which recently started to warn against potential risk blah blah. About time too... Not necessarily the same as a security scanner should kick in.

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Anything running in browser should be interesting so need is not hard to find. How to implement without messing up no nonsense look or giving users the idea they should be alarmed because program says so I don't know. Ease of use, simplicity is a main feature regardless of detection rate. I think most see program as a switch you turn on/off and that is brilliant. Big difference to similar tools so if I am suggesting a little Hijackthis inside it is a small one ;)

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