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This Site Claims that MBAM is "lazy" and wrongly identifying them as malicious


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MBAM real-time recently blocked a certain site, identifying it as malicious.

i contacted them about it and this is their response:

There is nothing malicious on our site, some over zealous security programs add ranges of IPs to their block list without due prudence on every IP, it is just pure laziness, for instance one has blocked our thumb server & some, but not all, of our CDN servers but no other server, not the ones that serves pages or any of the ad servers from others that serve the ads, if there was anything malicious it would come from the pages or ad servers, not the thumbs server or CDN servers that only streams video, demonstrating how lazy & incompetent that particular company is.

Which is a pity as that security program is actually very good in most aspects, but their IP block list is rubbish.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support request and responses.

Sorry you had a problem.

Best Regards,

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This is their response:

I use the program myself & know for a fact that not only have they blocked entire ranges including many innocent sites, they block many IPs that skype uses for certain countries as well, it\'s called a lack of due prudence, their IP block feature has become such a pain in the ass that I & many others disable it, though I still use their real time monitoring as it is otherwise a very good program.
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Unless this becomes a false positive report (as in data to research) I will have to move the thread or lock it as so far it has done nothing but waste time .

We look forward to info we can use to resolve this .

this is the Company's final response:

we just don\'t have time to respond to or even read every minor forum thread, we\'d have to employ someone dedicated to it full time.

I could argue with these guys until I am blue in the face & they are not going to change their position.

Our traffic is hundreds or thousands of unique visitors every single hour, something we would not have achieved or be maintaining if we were infecting people, sometimes expediency dictates we just let things slide & let time & results eventually speak for themselves.

Sorry it has been such a hassle for you, not the plan.

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Why do you feel the need to act as a proxy for this "company", waste the developers time with pointless to'ing/throw'ing without providing an URL or any sort of concrete details.... if your intention is to report a false positive, next time please provide the data requested by the developers and in the two sticky topics at the top of this forum. There are set procedures for dealing with false positives and if they meet the criteria for being a false positive then they are corrected. If this company wanted it corrected they would have taken steps themselves a long time ago.

This whole thread was a big waste of time and I would kindly request that you do not create another one like this in future without attaching an IP or file details if you are reporting a false positive, otherwise the topic will be locked and deleted.

Topic closed due to refusal of OP to provide concrete information.

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