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question(s) about backups


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I just wanted to ask..

1. If you clone your main hard drive (ie where the OS is) to an external drive am I right in thinking that you can boot from the clone providing that the boot search order is changed in the bios of the main hard drive? I think you can but I would like this confirmed by people who really know / have done this and know that you can do this. Is it worth keeping a cloned copy or two of one's entire hard drive if you have the media and the space to do so as a form of backup?

2. If you make an image of a partition or a drive and then find you need to use it to replace, eg. a damaged installation on the partition or drive that you intend to put it on does the target drive (or partition) need to be formatted or not before you attempt this (or maybe because it's brand new and you've decided to replace your hard drive with a larger one)? I'm assuming here that I'll have an appropriate bootup disc to use, ideally the same live disc that would've been used to create the image file initially.

The more I read the more questions I find that keep entering my head! :) Sorry guys! :)

A quick question about the Command Line if I may, :).

...does capitalization as well as spacing matter in the Command Line? Did / does it matter in vers. of MS-DOS? Excuse the simpleness of the question but I want to get this straight in my head if I'm ever going to achieve a semblance of mastery with Commands. :)

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1. Yep, if the boot order is set, then you can boot from either the original or the clone. And whilst a clone is good, I'd always advise an image of the drive over a clone (almost the same thing anyway), specifically because they can be stored on an external HDD/DVD/flash drive etc etc.

2. It does generally, yes. Though it usually depends on both the image (whether its a partition image or a drive image) and the program you're using to restore the image.

As far as the capitalization, it matters in Linux, but not so much in Windows :)

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