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router help

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Currently we have a modem from our internet provider that allows internet connection to one system at a time.

Recently my significant other got an Xbox360 and so of course wants to go online with it...

He keeps saying, "we need a router".

I've only had experience with Linksys and I admit I didn't really know what I was doing, but it didn't' go very well lol. I think we ended up returning it.

So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a router to me, and other information, such as how do you set a different password than the default and all those fun security things that a lot of people forget or don't know to do.

Thanks for any help :)

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Hi mountree16 -

I have just purchased a new Linksys , and I assume it is like yours with just the 1 outlet port at the rear - GT500 uses splitters etc that can at times cause problems - So you can buy one unit that has up to 4 outlets at the rear and just plug the Xbox into another port (if you don't mind working near each other :) ) - Other wise you go to wireless that will cover a house - Mine seems OK as it replaced a Netcomm NB5 (Old model) - Your ISP will configure it for you to their specs - Just phone them and (eventually) they tell you exactly what they want (I did a quick setup by the CD and then them called later) -

Regards - :)


You have not spent a lot of time on that book , unless it is VERY long :)

Exile should know with setups or I can put onto a (small charge) pro -

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  • Root Admin

The 3G is for backup purposes if your main Ethernet connection is down. The DSL version would be one like this.


Cisco 888 G.SHDSL Wireless Router 802.11n FCC Compliant, configurable with a choice of 3G modems

But at about $1,200 to $1,500 it's out of the price range for most home users :)

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I would use something like a D-Link 4-Port Ethernet Hub (DSH-5):


DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router for about $120.00


I have a 2Wire DSL modem that provides 4 wired ports.

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Thanks Firefox, I'll check into that one too :)

Actually someone else has already offered to walk me through setting it up, but I greatly appreciate your offering to do so :)

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I have a Linksys router myself, it's 3 years old now, and it was really easy to set up. Our Xbox 360 connects wirelessly.

I had to reinstall it for some reason a year ago (I think a little power blip did something to it) and I have written a note to myself to NOT use their "Secure Easy Setup", but to follow the steps manually. I do remember that I had used the Secure Easy Setup and couldn't get online so I redid it and did it manually. I let the router's DHCP assign addresses automatically and I've only had a conflict a couple of times, and that was with a desktop with an ethernet connection and the Xbox with the wireless connection. Shutting everything down and then starting them up one at a time fixed it. Now we have 4 devices using the router and everything seems to be working allright. (Although I should update the firmware...)

Linksys's support site has improved dramatically since I first got the router, I'm really pleased with it. I was looking up something for someone with a D-Link, though, and I wasn't so impressed with their site.

Oh...I just had this thought...If you're not using the wireless, if there's some way to disable the wireless then do so, or secure the wireless so someone driving by isn't tapping into your connection. (I'm using a 10 digit/letter hexkey and WEP which isn't the greatest anymore and your newer routers will have better, but we're in the middle of a section of land and no one is going to be casually driving close enough to our house to hack into our wireless network.)

On satellite, Xbox Live gaming doesn't go too well, but with your internet connection, your s/o will no doubt have more fun with it.

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@ mountaintree16 np, happy to help if you need it.

@ Amethyst, I have been using linksys routers for years, and yes they are easy to configure.

Also remember to update the firmware on them and create a backup of your config on the router, that way if you have to reset the router for xy reason (factory reset), you can always reload your config and you are back in business in no time at all.

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@ YoKenny1

I like this feature the best in the D-Link router:

Dual active firewall protection (SPI & NAT) helps block malicious attacks on networks from the Internet

Hehe. Which is also something I am aiming for with a router.

Includes the latest wireless security (WEP, WPA & WPA2) features that help prevent unauthorized access

The Xtreme N Gigabit Router supports the latest wireless security features to help prevent unauthorized access, be it from over a wireless network or from the Internet. Support for WPA

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Choosing a router is like choosing an anti virus or anti malware application.

Find the features you want then find the best price.

Go to Best Buy or Staples or Wall-Mart or whatever big computer retailer is in your area and check prices and watch the newspaper for fliers as they sometimes have specials on routers.

I don't have a choice as my ISP provides the modem with its service.

I would not flash the router with alternate Firmware as that would hinder problem determination by Linksys.

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I know what you mean YoKenny1 about the flashed firmware. I bought one at a garage sale for $2 once and when I plugged it in, it worked, when I went to configure wireless I noticed it had a modified firmware. It was easy to reload it the way it came from factory.

I just mentioned it for info I guess..... It sure did have a lot of options that Linksys firmware did not have.

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