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mbam missing, plus more

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so i'm just playing around on my normal sites that i have never had problems from and a malware hoops onto my computer weee :)

this malware erases my mbam.exe

so i uninstall and then restart my computer. when everything comes back on i have this message on my screen:


Error loading c:\windows\system32\wevoyira.dll

The specified module could not be found."

i'm assuming that this (wevoyira.dll) is the malware's file name.

anyway, back to mbam, i try to reinstall and it gives me this:

"Unable to execute file:

C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti Malware\mbam.exe

CreateProcess failed; code 2

The system cannot find the file specified."

that's the malware at work.

so i find this forums and an entry by the administrator miekiemoes

--> http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=29028

on how if you change the EXE file name it should bypass the problem, try it and it didn't work in my case. instead i receive: Error code: 707(3,0) what ever the heck that means

so my search continued to different sites all saying about the same as this forum

one site suggested that i go to an non-infected computer on the program folder of mbam and copy to desktop and change the EXE name to either wuauclt.exe of explorer.exe and transfer that file to the program folder the infected computer. try it and i got and error code of 730 i think. :)it this point i'm getting numbers mixed

so if anyone has the next step/solution i would really appreciate it

thank you :)

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Hello junsei, and welcome to the forums here at Malwarebytes.org :)

We don't work on Malware removal in the general forums.

Please read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW topic here.

One of the expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours or more at times to get a reply at busy times. Please do not reply to your own post asking for assistance unless its been more than 48 hours and you have not received a reply yet, as this can make it look as though you are already getting help.

Also, when replying, please use the "add reply" button at the bottom of the page, as this makes the forum easier to read.

Thank you :)

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