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Install Mbam to USB Storage

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I just downloaded an app I found on sourceforge.net

"PortableApps.com allows you to carry your favorite computer programs and all of your bookmarks, settings, email and more with you on a portable device (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, CD, etc) and use them on any Windows computer."

I saw some of the posts about bart.PE and I don't want to run into the same kind of acrimony but... I would like to use malwarebytes on a system that won't let the installer run. Can I use this portablle apps thingy? Seems to me like this might solve the live vs. bart debate. If it works. I havn't had the time to test my theory yet. Any advice would be helpfull.

Oh and I have a FNG kind of question,

Is there anything between single user and corporate liscense. I'm not a corporation, just little old me. But at some point I'd like to charge someone for my services (at the moment I'm killing viruses for friends and family, only charge them a six pack of beer). What does a single independant tech need to purchase?

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There is a Technician's License for someone that is using the product as a support tool on someone else's machine. You can look on the shop page but I think it's something like $100 a year renewable

As for the USB that has been discussed many times so I won't go into it anymore here suffice to say that it's difficult to do and may or may not happen. There is a version on the UBCD4W but it does not work properly.

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