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Minor Bug - locked hidden text input on 'About' tab


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First off I'd like to say Happy New Year to all,

Just a minor bug report. On the 'About' tab, I found that I could click in between the two buttons and the license agreement and a text blinker would appear. It appears to be a hidden text input (as you can right click and get the standard Windows text input context menu). You cannot, however, write any text as it is locked.

Obviously this should not be here. :)

Animated Gif fun:


Keep up the good work,

Alex (honda12)

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my guess is that honda12 has the free version

Yup correct. Free version.

Reading other user's feedback, the input is where a registered user's ID and Pass is shown. Maybe this text input was included in previous versions to make it easier for registered users to copy their Passwords and IDs - since in 1.44, passwords have been disguised, there's no point including this.

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I like it as it shows my resident protection is working. :)

Sorry I think there's some confusion here. I wasn't just suggesting stopping the ID and Pass (albeit censored) from being shown, but was stating that the only apparent functionality of this hidden text input that I can think of (to select and copy the ID and Pass for safe keeping) is now partly redundant due to the password being censored.

However, thanks to your screenshot it is clear that only the ID field has this functionality, not the Pass field, therefore making my previous assumption wrong. :)

Only registered versions of mbam should have this functionality (as obviously free users like my have nothing to copy), but I would have thought that it would be difficult to implement due to both free and paid 'versions' using the same installer. Looking at how short the user ID is from YoKenny1's screenshot, it is debatable how useful being able to select and copy the user ID really is. Coupled with my previous point, I think the best solution would be to completely remove the ability to select and copy the user ID and just have ID and Pass as read only labels.

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