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Worm Emold

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1. Not able to download Malwarebyest Anti-Malware. Worm has disabled my internet connection, and won't allow me to use my mouse or USB ports.

2. Can't Download Defogger

3. Can't Download DDS or GMER Rootkit scanner

4. My problem - Last night Webroot Antivirus found the Worm Emold on my computer, I had updated the definitions for the Virus program this weekend. This worm has caused me not to be able to use my mouse, internet or USB ports. I ran the sweep and quarantined everything, using my keyboard keys, but none of the functions above are working. What are my options here? This is my computer for my personal business and I need documents off there from the last week that I haven't been able to backup. What are my options? Do I need to take this somewhere to get it fixed or is this something that I can remove with your assistance? Thanks for your time.

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