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Windows explorer crashing repeatedly

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I have a Windows Vista 32-bit home computer that I am trying to fix for a friend. I've tried a couple things to get it to work (Boot into safe mode and a live-cd scan). When the computer boots it lets me login to a user and then it gives me a message that windows explorer has crashed and if I want to restart it. At this point I can't click on any files/folders/etc because of explorer having crashed. If you click restart it restarts explorer.exe and just crashes again. If I do it manually from the task manager (end task and start->run-> explorer.exe) it happens as well. I've tried booting into safe mode with no networking and the problem still happens there. Any suggestions on what this might be and how I could fix it? The first thing I was going to do was run mbam but I can't even get it to install obviously :)

Thanks for the help in advance.


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